Why I Increased My Position in TTWO By 200% Today

TTWO chart

I opened an intial position in TTWO earlier this month. Since then it has been exhibiting perfect tennis ball action.

I chose today to add to the position because after a six session pullback on low volume it broke out of its base on high volume. According to my trading rules the stock must break the previous high by 1% coupled with volume that is at least 40% of the 30 day average, and it must do that before 11am.

The moment the stock crossed my price and volume threshold I added a 1/2 position. I'm now up to a 3/4 position, an increase of 200%.

This price action was nice to see after hitting lots of stops over the last couple days. A lot of my recent breakouts failed so it's encouraging to still have some tickers behaving exactly the way I would like them to.

Updated Dec 30, 2020 by Scott
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This is a brief explanation of what I saw in TTWO that caused me to increase my position today.

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Crowdstrike just had amazing earnings and their stock gapped up because of it. We are just off the all time high set just a few days back.

Paypal's breakout looked strong today. It finished the day at 98% of it's 30 day volume average and rose just over 3%. The volume seemed to be trending higher than 98% earlier in the day but it started to trail off. I was a little dissapointed in that but the trade still looks promising.

Updated Dec 30, 2020 by Scott