EXAS Is On The Move As It Breaks Out of Its Base

EXAS chart

I'm seeing a lot more cups (#1 on the chart above) with handles in the charts I look at every day, and EXAS was one of them. This cup corrected the price by 21% while the second contraction narrowed the trading range to 10%.

The handle of the cup consolidated into a falling wedge (yellow lines) with volume that pulled in (#2) as the price action did.

EXAS was looking strong enough on this breakout (#3) for me to open a position. It broke out with very good volume but it wasn't a huge surge. For the next few days the volume stayed about the same so that's a good sign.

It did end up peaking over its all time high before falling back a bit, but it came out the next day to test it again while closing near the top of its trading range for the day. So far things are going according to plan, but just in case I do have a stop loss set 10% below my entry point.

You can see my thought process in the tweets below as I deliberated over buying.

I was waiting for it to break over its all time high before purchasing but I had missed out on a couple other good breakouts for the same reason. In the end I chose to buy because it had broken well above the peak of the last contraction.

When I reread my rules for trading they actually state to buy as it breaks 1% over the peak of the last contraction. For some reason when the peak of the last contraction was near the all time high I had been waiting for the price to break the all time high. I followed my rules to the letter by purchasing when I did, oddly enough I was breaking them by waiting and it was costing me.

Updated Dec 23, 2020 by Scott
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Updated Dec 23, 2020 by Scott