AMZN Is Poised For A Monster Sized Run

AMZN chart

I was bored with Amazon's chart for a long time. Its price range has been contracting for 10 weeks, more if you include the correction the S&P500 went through in September.

But it looks like it's finally ready to wake up. The price action has contracted all the way down to a narrow 3% range (#2 on the chart) and the last consolidation contraction has now formed a falling wedge, one of my favorite bullish patterns.

But it gets better than that because as the wedge formed the volume drew back to a trickle (#3). This is textbook VCP!

I placed the TSLA chart below. See any similarities? It formed a perfect VCP, ending in a falling wedge, just before it exploded upward on the S&P500 inclusion news.

TSLA chart

I'm not going to try to predict exactly when it's going to go on a monster sized run, or how much it's going to up. But the chart tells me that the odds of a monster sized run kicking off soon are very good.

I'll be looking for it to break out into the $3,290's on good volume before I buy in. I've got enough cash set aside to step my way into a full position once that happens.

All eyes are on you Amazon. The market may have forgotten about you, but I can see that your intentions are to give TSLA's chart a run for its money.

Updated Dec 27, 2020 by Scott
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Updated Dec 27, 2020 by Scott