These Are The Best Stock Market Sectors To Invest in Right Now

It's no secret that COVID has turned the 2020 stock market upside down. It's caused us all to rethink our entire investment strategy. You don't want any exposure to airlines, travel, retail, or transportation; so the days of blindly investing in the S&P 500 are gone.

If you're in the S&P 500 get out now and invest in the NASDAQ. Since the NASDAQ is a tech heavy index it's a great place to start.

To further diversify I've started investing in healthy care and alternative energy. Over the last few weeks I've opened up positions in Globus Medical (GMED), Emergent BioSolutions (EBS) and Quidel (QDEL), all stocks in the health care industry.

Updated May 22, 2020 by Scott
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This is a brief explanation of what I saw in TTWO that caused me to increase my position today.

The AMZN chart looks a heck of a lot like TSLA just before it exploded into the $600 range.

Here's a quick explanation about why I opened a position in EXAS as it broke out of its' base.

Crowdstrike just had amazing earnings and their stock gapped up because of it. We are just off the all time high set just a few days back.

Paypal's breakout looked strong today. It finished the day at 98% of it's 30 day volume average and rose just over 3%. The volume seemed to be trending higher than 98% earlier in the day but it started to trail off. I was a little dissapointed in that but the trade still looks promising.

Updated May 22, 2020 by Scott