Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Scott.

My introduction to the stock market was in 1991. I was in eight grade and a speaker came to our class from U.S. Surgical Corporation, a now private company, that taught us how the stock market worked.

We all established hypothetical portfolios and made trades however we wanted to. I set the record for the most ever made in the game, and have been watching the stock market ever since.

In 1997 I read my first investing book, The Motley Fool Investing Guide, and made my first investment into 3M, JNJ, PFE, and INTC using DRIPs in 1998. They were modest investments but I still hold them today and they have doubled in value many times over.

Now the bulk of my investments are in my employers 401k and in my brokerage account at Fidelity. My plan is to be financially able to retire at age 50 in 2027, but because I do enjoy my job I'll likely keep working longer than that.

By making small regular investments I've set the stage for an early retirement and it's something that you can do too. But don't wait around any longer than you already have to get started. The sooner you begin the easier it is to reach financial independance.

Updated Jul 02, 2019 by Scott